Selling Your Property


selling-real-estate-san-antonio-hill-country-orange-txSellers in Texas are subject to a labyrinth of disclosure laws and vulnerabilities secondary to non-disclosures. Hiring a professional is paramount. Research shows properties sold by owners without representation take longer and bring in lower prices than their comparable properties. In addition, an Internet savvy team can market in ways owners may never consider. Professionals provide relief to property sellers by receiving all the phone calls about the listing and requests for showings.
We offer the best and highest services available in Texas real estate. Your listing fee covers all our expenses for signs, advertising, online marketing, social media expenses, agent-to-agent networking on your behalf, open house marketing and expenses and professional high-resolution, print and web-ready images. We make it easy for buyers to find your property and make offers. We make it simple for buyers to sign documents regardless of where they are anywhere in the world.
Sellers in Estates and inherited properties create unusual pathways to closing day. Owners of inherited property face an unexpected responsibility. Handling estate property can be time consuming and create pressure on the new owner’s schedule. Communication between the new owners may be challenging. We offer abundant experience and resources for these new owners and serve as a buffer between owners and many other parties that will be involved in the property’s preparation, marketing and transaction.
Some property owners face distressed circumstances. Late payments, divorce, sudden job transfers all present unique and often stressful problems. Our team specializes in providing full service for all sorts of unexpected challenges. We will answer your calls, return your messages, and keep you up to date on all the latest happenings with your property any next steps.

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