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Clearly, there will be new materials and new fixtures. But what are the lesser obvious benefits?

Health and safety codes and code compliance will be at 100%. You will have the safest home available! If you want, you can gain deeper peace of mind when you add whole-house water filtration so even your baths and showers use filtered pure water with any additives or residual chemicals and particulate matter removed.

Builders are adjusting interior storage, room sizes and flow. But, if you want extra outlooks in specific rooms or on specific walls you can get this built in. No more need for calling an electrician to make expensive adjustments for your home office, entertainment centers or kitchen. 

Some builders have models designed to accommodate special needs. Households anticipating the need to care for loved ones frequently chose to buy newly built homes to create a seamless transition. These home buyers eliminate steps, widen doorways and design walk-in showers to accommodate any change in health, status or lifestyle.  

Call us to find out which builders best match for your budget, your life and your dreams.


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Why Hire an Agent for a New Home?

Special circumstances apply to the purchase of newly built homes. New construction houses fall into the category of For Sale By Owner. The owner will always put his own interests first.

For this reason, you protect yourself when you identify your real estate agent upon your first visit or communication with a builder’s representative.

You need someone looking out for you, getting a third-party inspection, holding the builder accountable and watching out for you when it comes to the mortgage terms.

When the construction company offers lending, it is especially important to be careful. We can compare the terms of the mortgage offered by the builder’s lender to the terms we usually see with other lenders.

We review documents, educate you of the need for a third party inspector, and offer insights the home builder/owner may not be required to disclose. We may have previous experiences with the builder and know of the builder’s history or ethical practices. Contact us today to get someone to look after your best interests when navigating the home construction process.


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Why do I Need a Third Party Inspection?

We want the best for you. Third party inspections are necessary because you need someone working for your interests. The builder’s inspectors represent the builder’s desires. The city inspectors inspect for the city. But what if they didn’t care about you? What if their bottom line needs help?

We strongly encourage third-party home inspection because mistakes get caught before they get covered up. Upside down outlets, foundation rebar not placed properly, a nail driving through wiring. Little things can get missed. Little things can make a big difference.

Resale or brand new, a third party inspector who is watching out for you, talking to you about different aspects of the property as the inspection progresses, is important. First-time homeowners especially benefit from walking with the inspector; but, we encourage all our buyers to attend the inspection and ask every question that comes to mind as the inspector tells you what he or she sees on the property.

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