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Red Door Realty entered the real estate market to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Real estate can be an investment decision made of a million little decisions along the way. More commonly, it is a deeply personal commitment to build one’s home, one’s personal and private spaces, for family and friends, maybe an office. Red Door Realty’s mission aims at empowering clients to find or build a space that exceeds what they imagined for themselves.
Red Door Realty’s ambition is to bring joy, delight and contentment into the lives of their clients. That said, our clients can expect a lot of attention. Owners desiring to sell gain access to a wealth of reliable, trustworthy tradesmen and women. Red Door Realty agents are knowledgeable about buyer trends and different kinds of loans that buyers will bring with their offers. Red Door Realty agents remain mindful of how to create the best possible outcome for owners. Often, property condition needs to be changed to earn the sales price an owner desires. Our agency does far more than simply place the property on the Internet. We actively market the property through appropriate channels, digital and physical, during the entire time the property is listed. Buyers receive attention and care, expert negotiation and genuine engagement by their agent in the process of buying a home.
Savvy negotiations help buyers achieve the best possible financial picture when they arrive at the closing appointment. Our agents remain in constant contact with the client, loan officer, title company and other parties to get the transaction to closing as smoothly as possible. Investors receive insights into what is moving in the market, what buyer trends apply to their flip ambitions or how the property values have shifted in a given area. Investors need a different kind of service than clients pursuing a home of their own. Red Door Realty brings a wealth of experience to the table for long- and short-term investors. We work constantly to represent all of our clients at the highest level and create a win-win transaction experience.



In San Antonio and the Hill Country, you won’t find a better team for client-agent communication, market knowledge or over-the-top service than with our group. Though publications may publish Top Brokers by sales volume, that doesn’t mean you get top experience or service. Skill, knowledge and extraordinary service keep our clients coming back.

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Our sister office in Southeast Texas is, quite literally, a sister office. Led by Leticia's sister Genevieve Garrison, the Southeast office works together with the San Antonio office to build premier teams in each location.

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We love our clients! Serving you brings us joy. You won't find us pretentious. We care. We know real estate, but we master relationships and service. Find out what clients are saying about us.

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